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Mt. Vernon Engagement | Ashley & Yoonsoo

You would think from a first impression point of view that Ashley and Yoonsoo's story would be something amongst...they met someplace randomly by fate, was instantly attracted to one another's great looks and extreme height, and fell madly in love. But it's quite the contrary. Ashley and Yoonsoo have known each other for almost their entire lives. Yoonsoo is the best friend of Ashley's cousin so they have known each other since childhood. It's a tale of a friendship that has blossomed into

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Washington DC Engagement | Christine & Andrew

Christine and Andrew are the kind of couple that are pleasantly surprising. Just by first glance you would think that they are the romantic type and would probably spend hours just gazing deeply into one another. But in actuality they are totally the opposite. They are very playful, funny, joke with each other, and just have a humor that are perfectly in sync. One thing that's for sure is that this couple enjoys having fun together and we absolutely loved their dynamic chemistry! He even

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Annapolis Engagement | Jamie & Hong

Jamie and Hong are the sweetest of couples. They literally can't stop smiling when they look at each other. The day was a hot one and we met at St. Michaels for the engagement session. We decided we needed some refreshments and stopped by a small restaurant nearby to cool off. Apparently the restaurant only sold drinks that had alcohol so we ended up getting some sangrias. Not sure if it were the sangrias or their chemistry, but it really seemed to help in getting Jamie and Hong to have fun

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Baltimore Engagement | Jihyun & Steve

The first time we met with Jihyun and Steve and heard their story, we knew that this couple had to be a match made by heaven. Jihyun and Steve initially met through a mutual friend and at first it was more of a casual type meeting. But something must have sparked between them because that meeting led them to their very first date. A first date that lasted 10 hours! The two clicked right away and both didn't want their night to end, so Jihyun invited Steve to come along for her dinner plans, and

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Downtown Annapolis Engagement | Youngeun & Minyoung

Youngeun and Minyoung both live in Philadelphia and came down to Maryland to have their engagement session. Since their wedding is taking place in Washington, DC they wanted to have their engagement in Annapolis that has a different type of atmosphere. And seriously, who can blame them. Annapolis is one of the prettiest historic towns! The session was an early morning one but Youngeun and Minyoung came in the best of mood. We started off with some coffee and began roaming around town. The

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Meadowlark Botanical Garden Engagement | Samantha & Danny

When we first met with Sam and Danny, they practically had us rolling on the floor laughing in the middle of the coffee shop. Danny has such a playful sense of humor and it was amazing to see how he can make his fiance laugh whole-heartedly. We realized that day that this twosome is truly remarkable in the way that they are with each other. The engagement session took place at Old Town Alexandria. A place that we frequented and were quite familiar with. We were unfortunately taken by surprise

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Taeck & Julie

Hi there and welcome to our blog! We are a husband and wife business that specializes in fine art wedding and portrait photography. Everytime we are holding a camera, we not only capture the moments of your special day, but we try to pursue it with artistry. Our goal is to deliver the best images that you have seen of yourself. This also applies to the different varieties of work that we do which includes: weddings, engagement sessions, korean weddings, pre-weddings, and portrait sessions.

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Looking forward to getting some relaxation over the weekend with some close friends! What's everyone else doing? Happy Friday!  #taeckjangphotography
Gorgeous bridal details. These beautiful sparklers were worn with a simple satin dress that balanced everything perfectly. ✨  #taeckjangphotography @louboutinworld
"For it was not into my ears you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." - Judy Garland 💋  #taeckjangphotography
How stunning is this bride? We absolutely love doing bridal portraits. Perhaps it's the grace and beauty that we're obsessed with. 💕  #taeckjangphotography dress: @bhldn
We love the way he makes her smile 😍  #taeckjangphotography
It's amazing how two different souls can be so perfect for one another. 💕 #taeckjangphotography
We are so glad it is almost spring! So looking forward to seeing the beautiful flowers again. 🌸  #taeckjangphotography
One of the nice things about being a wedding photographer is that you get a break in the winter to rest, recoop, and to refresh for the next season. Weddings, we've missed you. #taeckjangphotography
Our first wedding of the year and we were lucky to spend it with this amazing duo! 💕  #taeckjangphotography
Today we are saying Happy Valentine's Day from Korea! We are having a great time here (even though it's freezing!) and can't wait to catch up when we are back. Hope everyone has a love filled day. <3 #taeckjangphotography
Oh that warm light against the winter air. One would have never guessed that it was freezing cold this day. ☀️ #taeckjangphotography
How beautiful and classic is this bride? Love the vintage style veil. ❤️ #taeckjangphotography

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