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Harpers Ferry Anniversary | Anna & Seong

Anna works as a florist and wedding decorator so she is surrounded by beautiful things all the time. Her work is exquisite and you may recognize her as the owner of Enflowers. We have gotten to know Anna pretty well by working together on a numerous of occasions. On one of the occasions she shared with us how she was unhappy with how her own wedding looked from years ago and that she dreaded looking through her wedding photos. She talked about wanting to redo it all over again if she had the

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Howard County Conservancy Anniversary | Eunju & Chulho

It was Eunju and Chulho's upcoming 30th wedding anniversary. The married couple lives in Hong Kong and was coming to Maryland to visit their son. Their son Michael wanted to do something special for their anniversary. He contacted us and told us that he wanted to gift his parents an anniversary session. We were more than thrilled to do this session because we thought it was such a sweet and great idea. Eunju and Chulho were so sweet that day. You can tell that they have had a great marriage

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Taeck & Julie

Hi there and welcome to our blog! We are a husband and wife business that specializes in fine art wedding and portrait photography. Everytime we are holding a camera, we not only capture the moments of your special day, but we try to pursue it with artistry. Our goal is to deliver the best images that you have seen of yourself. This also applies to the different varieties of work that we do which includes: weddings, engagement sessions, korean weddings, pre-weddings, and portrait sessions.

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Client gifts are one of our favorite parts of the holidays! See what we gifted (and tested!) this year on the blog. Link in profile 🎁 #taeckjangphotography @malvimallow
Going back to that summery day in the fall with beautiful bright colored flowers and a clear blue sky with the happiest couple there ever was. β˜€οΈπŸŒΈπŸ˜„ #taeckjangphotography
Sometimes we just have to take a few steps back and enjoy what’s going on around us. Really appreciating the holidays for a time of reflection. 🌸  #taeckjangphotography @badgleymischka
These days we've traded in our signature scents for the smell of pine and hot chocolate. Smitten over the holidays! πŸŽ„  #taeckjangphotography
This father daughter dance had us in tears! Cherish these moments for a lifetime. πŸ’•  #taeckjangphotography
Dear autumn colors, can't you stick around for just a little bit longer? 🍁  #taeckjangphotography @william_and_mary #happilyweddedwilsons dress:@jcrew tux:@verawanggang
They both attended the College of William and Mary and returned to have their wedding on campus. 😍#taeckjangphotography #happilyweddedwilsons @william_and_mary dress: @jcrew. tux: @verawanggang
Our favorite holiday is coming up soon! πŸŽ„ We have been singing along to Christmas tunes on the radio and are getting ready to have our annual packaging fest this week. 🎁 How's everyone else prepping for the holidays?  #taeckjangphotography
Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are crossing our t's and dotting our i's in getting ready for our trip for a wedding in Williamsburg tomorrow. What's everyone else doing this weekend? #taeckjangphotography
Autumn always reminds us that falling can be a beautiful thing 🍁  #taeckjangphotography
Our favorite season is here! 🍁 mua: @susanlimmakeupartist #taeckjangphotography #sparkfordanny
These two can't stop laughing and we love it! 🀣  mua: @susanlimmakeupartist  #taeckjangphotography #sparkfordanny

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