Manic Musings | Vol. 1

We’ve always been huge fans of the motto “work hard play hard.” It’s pretty much the answer to life isn’t it? It sums up the most perfect formula for a well balanced lifestyle. You work hard for about five to six days a week and you have the weekends to take a break and have some fun.

This balance is pretty much everywhere if you think about it. The newspaper always has a comic section, if your coffee tastes a little too bitter you can lighten it up by adding some sugar… this idea can go on and on. We’ve been thinking that the way we approach our business should have a little bit of this yin and yang as well. While it’s imperative to be professional and showcase our work we believe it’s also important to share the light-hearted things. So on this blog series we will be sharing updates, thoughts, and the silly little things that could possibly (or not) make a world of a difference.

So with that said, here is our first Manic Musings post!



This past snowfall was the first one where Julie didn’t have to cross her fingers and her toes to be able to get off work. Because now since she joined TJP full time, work is at home. And she no longer has to go out into the cold, ever, unless she wants to.

So we didn’t even bother shoveling which felt so liberating. We could even take it a step further and just wait until it all melts on it’s own. Which is actually what we’ve been doing.

– Taeck’s latest creation in the kitchen is something he whipped up with three simple ingredients we already had lying around the house. Chocolate chips, cheerios, and brown sugar. He made these crispy chocolate candy bars that were amazingly delicious. Think gourmet Twix bars.

We took Laelle’s six month portrait today (two weeks late) where we dress her up in an outfit and shoot her lying flat from above. We started this initially because we wanted to create an album for her with her monthly portraits and thought the photos should be special. But it’s a lot more work then we thought so unfortunately we are always late in the process. For our next child I think we will stick with the monthly cards and take iPhone snaps. There’s a reason why everyone does it that way.

We haven’t invested in any education for a while so we purchased the Ultimate Photography Bundle 2017. It seems like it’s a great deal considering you are getting so much resources from a ton of different photographers. We haven’t had a chance to really watch anything yet but once we do we will be sure to share our thoughts. We’re especially excited for the course by Katelyn James!

Our latest obsession are the special mix flavored jelly beans by Jelly Belly. You know when you buy the standard jelly bean bags and all those flavors that you think are just plain gross are left and you just end up throwing them away? Well, no more of that with these special bags! You can enjoy every bean to the very last one.


Hope everyone has a great week! Let’s catch up again soon!

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