Manic Musings | Vol. 2

Hi friends! Welcome to another post of our Manic Musings series. Click here for the first post if you missed it! This past week has been a bit insane. Our daughter Laelle’s first birthday is coming up within a week and just trying to prepare while watching her as well AND having to still work has us pretty tied up. For those of you who are not very familiar with the korean culture, a first birthday is literally like a miniature wedding. It’s a pretty big deal.

So this week the majority of our time has been focused on Laelle’s birthday event.

– Julie has been occupied with designing all the paper pieces for the event. Taeck has been helping with putting things together. It’s like Christmas at the Jang’s x 1000. But with all said and done, we’re very happy with how things have been turning out and this is her FIRST birthday ever, so all the effort is well worth it.

– We finally finished her frame. We received this beautiful silver frame as a gift when she was born. It inspired us to take monthly portrait sessions of her because we wanted to fill it with photos that were special. Each month we picked out an outfit that was also seasonally appropriate and tried to photograph her in the same style. Looking back it’s amazing how much time flies right under our noses. After Laelle, we realized just how important documenting and photographing really is. You’ll never have these years again. We can’t wait to do an album for her as well. Photograph! Print!

– With everything going on, our house is a disaster. We’ve been eating ramen more than we like to admit. But Taeck is probably secretly enjoying the ramen part.

– Below is a peek of some of the things for Laelle’s birthday party. We can’t wait to share the actual photos of the event!


Happy Friday!



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