The gift of prints

When we first began our business we didn’t realize how important it was for images to exist in prints. We simply delivered the files on a CD and never really knew from there if the client would ever print their photos or not. Living in a digital age we have so many options to view the images digitally that it no longer creates a need to have the images printed anymore. But remember the feeling you had when you looked at photos of your grandparents when they were younger or when you looked through your parents wedding album? Feeling, touching, and experiencing the story which creates a whole different level of nostalgia. Isn’t that an experience you would want for your own children or your grandchildren…for them to be able to touch and feel a part of your history rather then to simply see it on screen? A CD or a drive holds no emotional value but a printed photograph does. The fading of the paper or the creases in the corners reveals something sacred that has endured through time.

With this purpose in mind we wanted to create a product that would gift our couples with an item that would create this experience for their next generations. We came up with the idea of our folio box. A keepsake box that holds the USB of digital negatives but also prints from your wedding day that will preserve them for not only yourselves but for your children’s children and there on.

So we encourage you to print your photographs, create heirlooms and give your future generation something to connect to and experience.


Taeck-Jang-Photography-folio-box-prints-01 Taeck-Jang-Photography-folio-box-prints-02 Taeck-Jang-Photography-folio-box-prints-03 Taeck-Jang-Photography-folio-box-prints-04 Taeck-Jang-Photography-folio-box-prints-05

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