Manic Musings | Vol. 3

It’s the new year and it’s kind of our off season. But that doesn’t mean that we sit around and watch tv all day in our flannel pj’s while eating ramen. Even though that sounds extremely good right now. We use the time effectively and try to prepare for the upcoming year and plan out goals for our business and try to think of new ideas for anything we can do better. But besides the “business” we still do, we try to take the time to do some things we don’t normally have the time to do. Here are a couple of updates of what we’ve been up to.

– Taeck has been

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Carroll Baldwin Hall Wedding | Jihyun & Steve

Jihyun and Steve's wedding was such a sweet and memorable one. It was filled with stories of their love from when they first met to how they came on their journey to the alter. In order to understand just how significant these two are, let us start by sharing how Steve proposed. Steve has been planning the proposal for 4 years (!!!) because he really wanted it to be special for Jihyun. He knew for a long time that she was the one he wanted to marry. He got a lot of her friends and co-workers

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2017 Recap : Grace

Grace. We're not going to do this one worded theme every year, we promise. But in all seriousness, if it wasn't for grace we wouldn't be where we are today. This year we learned so much about grace. Grace from God, but also grace for ourselves. You see, this year was truly different. Different in the most mesmerizing way but also the most challenging at the same time. This year our baby was in the mix. For those who are not parents yet, it feels like a lightyear went by and honestly we're

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Client Gift : Christmas 2017

Every year we try to seek out something new that we can gift to our clients for the holidays. We (Julie) also love that we are the testers for this new delicious gift that we seek! It’s got us thinking that food critics have the best job in the world. Next to wedding photographers that is. Now, gourmet marshmallows are something that’s been raved about in the candy world for quite a while. So we decided that it was time for us to give it a try. Initially our concept for the gift this year was

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Regency at Dominion Valley Wedding | Shirley & Jason

Shirley and Jason's wedding is one that will definitely be remembered. The weather around this time was cooling down for a few days but it must have had a change of heart because it ended up being pretty warm throughout the entire day. Originally it was forecasted for rain as well but even that didn't happen. How lucky are these two! Everyone was absolutely excited for the wedding day. The bridal party was having a great time getting ready. Jason made Shirley a video card with his wedding gift

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Mt. Vernon Engagement | Ashley & Yoonsoo

You would think from a first impression point of view that Ashley and Yoonsoo's story would be something amongst...they met someplace randomly by fate, was instantly attracted to one another's great looks and extreme height, and fell madly in love. But it's quite the contrary. Ashley and Yoonsoo have known each other for almost their entire lives. Yoonsoo is the best friend of Ashley's cousin so they have known each other since childhood. It's a tale of a friendship that has blossomed into

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Taeck & Julie

Hi there and welcome to our blog! We are a husband and wife business that specializes in fine art wedding and portrait photography. Everytime we are holding a camera, we not only capture the moments of your special day, but we try to pursue it with artistry. Our goal is to deliver the best images that you have seen of yourself. This also applies to the different varieties of work that we do which includes: weddings, engagement sessions, korean weddings, pre-weddings, and portrait sessions.

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One of the nice things about being a wedding photographer is that you get a break in the winter to rest, recoop, and to refresh for the next season. Weddings, we've missed you. #taeckjangphotography
Our first wedding of the year and we were lucky to spend it with this amazing duo! 💕  #taeckjangphotography
Today we are saying Happy Valentine's Day from Korea! We are having a great time here (even though it's freezing!) and can't wait to catch up when we are back. Hope everyone has a love filled day. <3 #taeckjangphotography
Oh that warm light against the winter air. One would have never guessed that it was freezing cold this day. ☀️ #taeckjangphotography
How beautiful and classic is this bride? Love the vintage style veil. ❤️ #taeckjangphotography
Passports are done, tickets are booked, it's official! We are taking our 17 month old on a 13-16 hour flight to Korea in a week! ... and we are terrified! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
See what else we've been up to on our blog! Link in bio #taeckjangphotography
The bride squad having the best time!  #taeckjangphotography
Beautiful spring flowers, we miss you... 🌸#taeckjangphotography
A proposal that took 4 years to plan! This couple's love is absolutely amazing and we have never seen a happier duo during their wedding day. Check out the blog to read their amazing story! 💕 Link in bio #taeckjangphotography
Getting ready has never been so elegant 💕 #taeckjangphotography
We learned so much about grace this past year. As we strive through the hustle of our everyday, it's so important to give yourself grace at the end. See our blog post with our 2017 recap!  #taeckjangphotography
It’s not that we don’t love winter... but kind of missing those summer days lately. ☀️ #taeckjangphotography

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