A Year Full of Change

Change. If we could sum up our 2016 then that would be the magic word. Each new year we try to look back to see all the things that has happened, both the good and the bad. This year, we faced many changes. Some that were life changing (like having a baby), to some that were frightening. But overall God has been faithful to us and we couldn’t be more thankful to have passed another year still smiling and in good health. Here is just a few things we are thankful for this year.

  • Laelle. Our newest addition to our family. She has been the greatest change and blessing so far in our lives. Although it has been challenging to be full time parents as well as run a business, her smile and her giggles gives us a reason to keep pushing through because every effort for her is worth it.
  • Julie joined with Taeck full-time. Now this was a nerve wrecking decision and was ultimately a leap of faith. We were unsure if it was a smart decision to leave a steady salary with a baby on the way, but we felt that it was God’s plan for us to be able to work and serve our clients together as husband and wife while also having the benefit of being able to raise Laelle at home.
  • Our business. From where we began it has come such a long way. In the beginning there was so much learning, making mistakes, trying different approaches, and at times feeling incredibly lost. But each year it has grown in many ways and to this day we are still learning new things.
  • Love. None of what we do could have been done without this. Our love for each other, our love for what we do, our love for the clients we meet, and to be able to witness the authenticity of love between our couples. This is what fuels us to keep going and to keep loving.

So as we part ways with 2016, we embrace the new year and the new changes that it will bring.

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Taeck & Julie

Hi there and welcome to our blog! We are a husband and wife business that specializes in fine art wedding and portrait photography. Everytime we are holding a camera, we not only capture the moments of your special day, but we try to pursue it with artistry. Our goal is to deliver the best images that you have seen of yourself. This also applies to the different varieties of work that we do which includes: weddings, engagement sessions, korean weddings, pre-weddings, and portrait sessions.

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