Client Gift : Christmas 2016

It’s that time of year again when our house is crazed with boxes and ribbons. But it’s a craziness that we enjoy and look forward to. We turned on some Michael Bublé Christmas tunes and dove into the assembly line production of gift wrapping.

Each year around the fall season, we look for what we can give our clients for the holidays. For the past couple of years we’ve been giving out caramels from Mouth Party Caramel which are still amazing by the way, but this year we wanted to gift something a little different. As you know Julie is obsessed with anything sweet so naturally one of our favorite things to do during the cold snowy season is to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. We recently discovered Chocomize which has the hot chocolate as a solid block and you just mix it in with hot water and stir with the wooden spoon that it comes with attached. There’s no powder, no spilling, and just fool proof easy. And they have so many different flavors available as well. We loved the rich and creaminess of the hot chocolate that we wanted to share these with our clients this year. Happy holidays to our wonderful clients!


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Looking forward to getting some relaxation over the weekend with some close friends! What's everyone else doing? Happy Friday!  #taeckjangphotography
Gorgeous bridal details. These beautiful sparklers were worn with a simple satin dress that balanced everything perfectly. ✨  #taeckjangphotography @louboutinworld
"For it was not into my ears you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." - Judy Garland 💋  #taeckjangphotography
How stunning is this bride? We absolutely love doing bridal portraits. Perhaps it's the grace and beauty that we're obsessed with. 💕  #taeckjangphotography dress: @bhldn
We love the way he makes her smile 😍  #taeckjangphotography
It's amazing how two different souls can be so perfect for one another. 💕 #taeckjangphotography
We are so glad it is almost spring! So looking forward to seeing the beautiful flowers again. 🌸  #taeckjangphotography
One of the nice things about being a wedding photographer is that you get a break in the winter to rest, recoop, and to refresh for the next season. Weddings, we've missed you. #taeckjangphotography
Our first wedding of the year and we were lucky to spend it with this amazing duo! 💕  #taeckjangphotography
Today we are saying Happy Valentine's Day from Korea! We are having a great time here (even though it's freezing!) and can't wait to catch up when we are back. Hope everyone has a love filled day. <3 #taeckjangphotography
Oh that warm light against the winter air. One would have never guessed that it was freezing cold this day. ☀️ #taeckjangphotography
How beautiful and classic is this bride? Love the vintage style veil. ❤️ #taeckjangphotography

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