Federal Hill Engagement | Seonjoo & Paul

If there was ever a windiest day, it was the day of Seonjoo and Paul’s engagement session. Seonjoo and Paul are a couple that are extremely easy to work with. Their passion and chemistry is so natural that they barely need any posing direction. Paul really likes Baltimore and since Federal Hill has the beautiful skyline as well as the water and cityscape, we decided to have the session there. They came to the session looking absolutely amazing and everything was perfection… except that fierce wind. The wind blew all over the place making it really difficult to capture romantic moments. Paul’s hair took quite a hit so we eventually had to take a break to buy a comb and hair spray for a fix. We kept the comb in Paul’s pocket for any other emergencies and we all ended up laughing about it for the remaining of the session. Many thanks to Paul and Seonjoo for bearing the weather! We cannot wait until your wedding day!



Hair & Makeup: Shine, Tina

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