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It’s the new year and it’s kind of our off season. But that doesn’t mean that we sit around and watch tv all day in our flannel pj’s while eating ramen. Even though that sounds extremely good right now. We use the time effectively and try to prepare for the upcoming year and plan out goals for our business and try to think of new ideas for anything we can do better. But besides the “business” we still do, we try to take the time to do some things we don’t normally have the time to do. Here are a couple of updates of what we’ve been up to.



– Taeck has been on a painting obsession due to his newfound passion and hobby of painting furniture a la Annie Sloan. It’s a brand for chalk paint and they have beautiful colors. He loves the transformation of the process and how great it feels to complete the project and see the final outcome. This has led him to paint a coffee table, a buffet table, and also our kitchen cabinets. And Julie gets dragged into these projects but can’t really say anything because she would be a total hypocrite after making him help her with all her DIY projects. But we gotta say, our house is looking pretty snazzy these days with the new changes.

– We are going to Korea for 3 weeks and will have to be on a 13-16 hour flight with a 17 month old. A 13-16 hour flight with a 17 month old! We always dreaded the flight as is. It’s amazing how even after 10 movies, there’s still x amount of hours left of the flight. Lord help us. Prayers are appreciated! And advice!

– It has been COLD and its kind of nice not having to go out unless we absolutely have to. So we’ve been staying in. Hence Taeck’s hobby.

– But there’s a serious downside to that. We’ve run out of food/groceries. So we’ve been eating cereal, frozen foods, and anything else that isn’t good for you but currently no one is complaining because neither of us really feel like cooking these days.


Hope everyone is staying warm this winter! If we survive the flight we’ll post stories of our trip to Korea.

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Looking forward to getting some relaxation over the weekend with some close friends! What's everyone else doing? Happy Friday!  #taeckjangphotography
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Our first wedding of the year and we were lucky to spend it with this amazing duo! 💕  #taeckjangphotography
Today we are saying Happy Valentine's Day from Korea! We are having a great time here (even though it's freezing!) and can't wait to catch up when we are back. Hope everyone has a love filled day. <3 #taeckjangphotography
Oh that warm light against the winter air. One would have never guessed that it was freezing cold this day. ☀️ #taeckjangphotography
How beautiful and classic is this bride? Love the vintage style veil. ❤️ #taeckjangphotography

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